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Being the leader development center where best bankers of the sector are cultivated.

Yapı Kredi Banking Academy plans to cross-train bankers through training and development activities in four areas of focus: Banking and finance, personal development, leadership and social responsibility. The purpose is to develop a team of high-performing employees.

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We want our employees to be leaders of proven strength not only in banking but also in their personal competency, leadership vision and social sensitivity.

Yapı Kredi Banking Academy provides participants training and development programs which have been designed and instructed by the industry’s leading consultants, by esteemed academics from Turkey and throughout the world, and by over 200 Academy Trainers.

The main goal of the Academy’s trainer development program, which is exclusively and voluntarily executed, is to disseminate information and experience to all Yapı Kredi employees. Successful employees who meet the requisite criteria and complete the multi-phased trainer program may become Academy Trainers. So far, our trainers have conducted training programs with a 95 percent participant satisfaction rate.

Created to embody the Academy’s vision, the building covers an area of 9,000 m2, whose design encompasses our four pillars, both visually and functionally. The building houses 32 classrooms, 3 lecture halls, 2 call center classrooms, a 200-seat conference hall, an auditorium, a library, a simulated branch operations classroom, a wishing well and a studio for training videos.

Our precepts of training and development are reflected in the building’s architecture. One can easily see how these precepts have influenced the color and design of classrooms and common areas. Multi-purpose areas offer the most suitable environments where various furnishings and designs are quite accommodating. Consequently, training is held in every area from the lecture halls to the conference hall, with the building’s common areas flexible enough to conduct development activities.

The Academy building was designed to fully reflect the values of transparency, freedom, trust, respect and fairness, a place where employees are free to make suggestions and express their wishes and opinions. Means of expression such as the landscape trees, the wishing well, and designed panels all reflect these values.