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For the purpose of creating a "strong leadership line" in accordance with the organizational strategies, the Leadership and Talent Management ensures the designing, planning, and implementation of the activities such as the discovery, development, succession management, leadership development programs, and competence assessment for the talented employees with high performance and potential in line with organizational strategies and the institution's needs. The talented employees are supported with development programs by means of an organizational succession plan made as a result of these basic processes.

By reviewing the online training catalogue, employees can follow their own career development programs at every stage of their careers and can select development programs in which they want to participate from this training catalogue. Yapı Kredi Banking Academy designs certificate programs special for business units in cooperation with the reputable universities in Turkey and across the world in addition to Insead, one of the best leading business schools of Europe. For the first time in Turkey, the Academy provided Yapı Kredi employees with the Certified Financial Consultant (CFC) – Financial Consultant Certificate and European Financial Advisor (EFA) - European Financial Advisor Certificate approved by European Financial Planning Association (EFPA) and it specially contributes in the career development of its employees.

The core banking programs are for new employees which designed on specific job roles and combine theory with practice, all of which hold true to the Academy’s vision to develop the best bankers in the industry. The programs include group studies, panels, workshops and system training, with the express goal of lessening an employee’s acclimation to his or her job and to the organization by using structured service-based modules.

Development activities are conducted to keep employees up to date on application rules, to test their existing knowledge and to minimize application errors. They are multi-phased activities, with each activity tailored to meet the need of each management.

Participants are given tests prior to and after the activities to evaluate their knowledge. In this way, both the progress of the participants and the effects of these activities on business outcomes are monitored.

Participants are offered various choices in the personal development programs, whose objective is to help employees balance their professional and private lives. Participants may select from several options: short film, painting, marbling, rhythm exercises, dance, photography or yoga.

Yapı Kredi Banking Academy gathers customers and Yapı Kredi executives in the YKBA Summit that is held annually. world-renowned speakers with competency in their respective fields share their knowledge and comments with the audience, while, in the panel conducted afterwards, the reputable names from the Turkish business world share their sectorial experiences.