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Apart from subjects on banking and finance, many personal development topics are included in Academy seminars, with the participation of many honored guests with different backgrounds from Turkey and from around the world.

Banking Academy strengthens its dynamic and interactive structure through synchronized classroom applications that are based on transmitting the presenter’s image, sound, and applications in his/her computer to the attendees simultaneously. By the help of online trainings, YKBA can offer online solutions to the employees nationwide in Turkey within a short period of time.

Yapı Kredi Banking Academy uses mobile learning, which have also been frequently implemented throughout the world, in many fields as a method of training and to support training activities. In this way, everybody with an internet-enabled mobile phone can complete the training and exams transmitted to them, watch videos and refresh their information thanks to reminders and hints without time, place, and system limitation.

In an era where e-learning is becoming widespread, Yapı Kredi Banking Academy uses this method more and more. In addition to the e-learning courses taking place in the training catalogue, many new applications and systems are presented to employees via distance learning courses prepared by the Academy.

Online and offline trainings are prepared in the studio that has been set up in the Academy building for use in the trainings conducted with alternative methods. Periodic informing related to the bank, economic evaluations, presentations made by the senior executives, promotion of the newly launched products, and many titles regarding the personal development are transmitted to the employees through the publications prepared at YKBA studio.

In many of Yapı Kredi Banking Academy programs; simulation is used as a training method to boost learning and to provide participants with opportunities to apply what they learn. The Academy also has a “simulation branch” with a real branch environment and banking system.