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By introducing university students to work life, the Basic Banking Certificate Program at Yapı Kredi Banking Academy helps students take cognizant steps towards their careers, especially during first few years. With this program, the Academy makes it possible for many university students to learn more about work life and the banking industry, which in turn contributes to the cooperation between the worlds of business and academia.

While facilitating the lives of both the bank and the customers by informing them on the most problematic issues arising between customers and banks by means offering workshops, meetings, and distant learning programs, the Academy further strengthens Yapı Kredi’s "customer friendly/ customer-oriented" bank image in the public opinion.

Science Migration to Anatolia is social development project which aims to help children embrace science and become self-confident individuals. It came to life with the help of YGA’s Dream Partner Yapı Kredi. Based on the words of Prof. Aziz Sancar, “Doing science is not a matter of genetics or intelligence, but of tradition”, it aims to reach 1.000 children in 8 cities in 2017 (Gaziantep, Çanakkale, Adana, İzmir, Kayseri, Ankara, Denizli ve İstanbul). The final destination for the project is to reach 5.000 children in 50 cities. The project includes a 3- hour science workshop during which Yapı Kredi employees will volunteer to work with children under state supervision.

Academy delivers the books, notebooks, or stationery equipment donated by the attendees of Banking Academy for training to the needy primary and secondary educational institutions, and it both contributes to the development of social responsibility awareness and also supports the children that are eager to learn.

1 wish = 2 dreams
The wishes of our employees not only help them realize their own dreams but also the dreams of others. As a part of our corporate social responsibility, the money from our wishing well is donated to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with various missions.

Through the training of "Speaking is in Our Hands", which is conducted in cooperation with the Turkish National Federation of Deaf, Yapı Kredi Banking Academy takes its services within the scope of Yapı Kredi’s Unimpaired Banking Program one step further with the participation of voluntary employees. The attendees taking part in this training learn the sign language and speak the same language with the hearing impaired customers.